Citizen science at Grace

Citizen Science Open House at Grace United Methodist Church April 17, 7-8 pm
More information about the event can be viewed here. Interested in other Citizen Science Day events? Visit the SciStarter Citizen Science Day page to see other locations and events.

Interested in participating in the advancement of science, but don’t have a science degree? Or, even if you have a science background, do you want to get more involved with science that benefits people in their everyday lives? Join Grace United Methodist Church as we delve into the field of citizen science.

This growing movement gives non-scientists an opportunity to get involved in scientific discoveries. The importance of this field is illustrated by the discovery of the water quality problem in Flint, Michigan, by a citizen scientist. Join us for our meetings on the first and third Mondays of each month at Grace United Methodist Church, 245 West Pearl Street, Belleville, Wisconsin. For more information, contact Chris Santos-Lang at chris (insert @) or 920-747-0335. People of all denominations and faiths are invited to participate in this exciting project.

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